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SwedeBar Goldplated


                            The Swedebar complies with and exceeds the highest security Grade 6 in EU.  C EN Grade 1 to 6 in EN 12320:2001
                                      The European Norm EN 12320 can be ordered in each European country by their classification institute.
                                       In Sweden that is the Institute for standardisation  SIS and their link is The C EN, Norm

                               The SwedeBar patented padlock protection is tested to be the No.1
                                                   in the toughest of tests in Europe's history

                             The Swedebar exceeds todays maiximum security tests with about 100%  (That is the standard SwedeBar).
                                        The military style Swedebars with ceramic inlays withstands high speed cutters as well as burners, which is unique.
                                                                                             They witstand much more than any other lock
                                               All padlocks needs good fastening and protection.
                                                   The SwedeBar patent is the safest in the world.

F-press all.english.jpg (26074 bytes) SwedeBar MAXI 200.jpg (9315 bytes) SBMI outside 150.jpg (2867 bytes)

We keep on developing with concentration on military security locking. The risk with stolen weapons can not be compensated with money from the insurance company. The same applies when you want to protect water supplies, telecommunications plants, electrical plants, nuclear plants and more against sabotage.

So what can we do for you? Well I think that your property, your work and your life is as important as anything of the above. You deserve the best security and comfort. That is what keeps us going on.       

                                                                                                                               Also tested by The Swedish Defence R & D Institute       FOI  

                                                                                               Used on weapon- rooms 

                                                                                               Used by the FMV (the Defence Material administration) 
                                                                                               for the most modern weapon containers                                  FMV



                                                              Below is the SwedeBar MIDI.
                                            The padlock is totally protected inside.

SBMI outside 150.jpg (2867 bytes) SBMI inside locked. 150.jpg (3953 bytes) SBMI inside open 200.jpg (4620 bytes)

The MIDI protection even withstand burners,
                                                                     which is unique

You also got the comfort of everything in place with no need to unfasten the padlocks and you never loose them

                           Double door closed with 10 000 kg strength                            Single door with the same strength
                           is there anything matching that?                                             Stronger than 15 ordinary locks.

Allhabo Door.jpg (8610 bytes) Midi Steeldoor 200.jpg (8147 bytes)

                                                         Sliding gate locked to  stop a truck and with great comfort too.

Skjutgrind m MIDI 200.jpg (9184 bytes) skjutgrind 200.jpg (10485 bytes)

                            A double Gate with strength and comfort.                           Double door as well as on a single door        

Gate 200.jpg (11234 bytes) MIDI on Double and Single door 200.jpg (8646 bytes)

                                                                        For 20 foot and 40 foot containers we also have:
                                          The SwedeBar
MAXI high sec locking bar.
                                                 The toughest on the market.

                                           Lock house withstand burners,itīs hardened against cutters and you can also
                                           have it
in military style filled with ceramics to stop high speed cutters.

SwedeBar MAXI 200.jpg (9315 bytes)

                                            Here are four companies on the same building site using the MAXI
                                   Some say that the SwedeBar pay off within short. Some say that those who didnīt  have them they had break ins
                                                so now they have them too. One company said "the
burglars couldnīt open the SwedeBar, so they opened our neighbors

                                               (The same company got extra SwedeBars directly afterwards for 17 building sites at
the same time).

                             Compare the SwedeBar with a doorlock or rather 15 doorlocks at the same time to make it more even.

Snyggt eller Tryggt1.jpg (5515 bytes) On the left is a good looking lock. You will need about 15 of them to lock with the strength of one MIDI. (and they do not withstand burners).

On the right is a good locking lock.
          What do you choose
              looks or locks?
SBMI outside 150.jpg (2867 bytes)


                                                                 More ways to mount and use the MIDI range

MIDI Vertical mounted with side
holder fits well
between the rods
on a seagoing container
MIDI mounted more ways.jpg (15442 bytes) 1) MIDI vertical mounted with side holder

2) MIDI lock house
with side holder.
Here you can drop
the shackle direct
into the lock (more King Pin like locking)

3) MIDI as King Pin lock. You got a hole in the bottom plate and you secure the King Pin with a shackle direct into the
lock house.


MIDI BL the safest and most comfortable boat lock on the market.
                                              (Alarm and motor lock are good things as long as they donīt tow your boat away).

MIDI boat lock
with shackles on the security chain.

Works as easy as your safety belt in the car

Boat lock 300.jpg (11232 bytes) MIDI boat lock can be used on the boat and on the pier.

You can also use it for your motor- cycle or any
machinery you want to fasten to the ground or a wall

You use different
mounting plates for
boat, wall or concrete mounting.

                          I mentioned "what do you choose locks or locks". You can have the products chromeplated,
                          brassplated and even shaped as a goldbar with goldplating if you like.

                          Take a lock at

                             Locksmith Worldwide /GPLA website

                             Lee Dobbs security links

                            ClearStar Security Network US